Business solutions
What we can do for your company:
— Corporate Portals
— Functional E-commerce sites
— VTracking and workflow systems
— Integration with third-party services
— Intranet System
Development time: 1+ month.

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Sites are created not only to provide information about the company, but also to achieve other global goals. They can be used as a tool: to oversee the implementation of tasks, for realization complex workflow throughout the company. This is especially true if employees are not only in the office, but also outside it.

Corporate solutions involve an individual approach to your needs, or major changes to the standard solutions, or develop new ones. For example, an online store is enough to create custom functionality requested by users to get a unique and effective product. Also, to obtain necessary functions you can perform the integration with third-party services that are necessary functions are implemented.

Often, it is important to also keep confidentiality of information, required for realization enterprise solutions. If needed, we can sign an agreement, not to disclose information received during of development.

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