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Our mobile applications include:
— Simple and easy to use interface
— Attractive design
— High speed
— A unique code
— The optimal set of features
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The future of software and web applications is with mobile devices. More and more people are moving from their regular cell phones to smartphones (Android-based devices, iPhone and many others) looking to be able to do more on their mobile. And those people who don't even own a computer also join the crowd of internet users because they can now access various websites and web apps on the go.

Even the largest enterprise-focused companies like Adobe or SAP have already realized the future is mobile and are actively rolling out mobile clients for their software products. Do you want to be a part of the movement and open new markets for your software?

Or maybe you have a website that already has a user base but needs some further promotion? Have you realized that your visitors use their cell phones more and more and you don't want to leave them their without your web application? Or maybe you look to keep your customers connected closer to your business and want to secure a competitive advantage for your company before your competitors do that?

Whatever your reasons are, it is way more reasonable to hire professionals to develop your mobile application — people who have experience doing exactly that.

Even if you have a team of professional software or web developers, they will still need to learn iPhone SDK to write an application for Apple's iOS — and then again Google's Android SDK for Android devices. If mobile apps is not your main business, a reasonable alternative is to hire a team that has experience with both platforms and will build for you the required apps in a speedy and cost-effective manner.

Leveraging our skills and knowledge in the industry, we design and develop applications for:

  • All Android-based devices
  • Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Apple iPad

We can also support you if you need to redesign your existing application for another platform or upgrade your iPhone app to support iPad additionally. We know Apple development guidelines so we will make sure everything is smooth and straightforward. We can also help you with publishing your application in the App Store or Android Market and provide continuous support to roll out upgrades and new versions.

An extra advantage for you is that since we are a full-cycle design and development company, we can provide you with a comprehensive range of services, including designing and development of your website or software product and development of the mobile applications to complement such website or software. Drop us a line to discuss your mobile needs now!

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